Baby, This is Happening!

The Father Moobs blogs were originally posted in 2014 and 2015 on, a now defunct website where Dani (my wife) and I processed the upcoming arrival of our first baby. This post was published on that site:

Holy night this is finally happening!

A few weeks ago I got fooled by false labor and almost every day since! First it was the night when the contractions were 40 minutes apart for 5 hours straight. Then it was the night they were 20 minutes apart. Then it was the night I got impatient and coaxed Dani (against her better judgement) to drink two ounces of castor oil.

That night was a disaster. She started puking like a banshee, pooping like a sinking ship, and I, still fervent to get that baby out of her, suggested that we have sex to speed things along. (The sad truth is that we tried and failed and it wasn’t her fault that we failed.)

This morning I got the call. It was Dani- mid contraction. Her nursing unit had collectively sent her home from work. (Thank God for them!) She drove home and immediately started clenching the sides of the bathtub like the bathtub was to blame.

We called the doctor. The doctor asked us in. We spent the 30 minute ride lamenting the fact that it was probably another false alarm. But they rushed us to a room, rushed the doctor in, and with one professional hand and one latex glove and one minute of invasive inspection, the doctor removed her hand and announced, “75% effaced. 1.5cm dialated. This is early labor!”

I flipped out. I AM flipping out! This is happening!!!

Now we’re at Dani’s mom’s house, per the doctor’s orders, waiting.

Ironically, 33 years ago on this very day, Dani’s mom was at her own mom’s house, waiting for Dani to arrive.

If everything breaks right, our little guy will be born on his mom’s 33rd birthday!

We’ll keep ya posted!

To read What Happened When My Son Was Born, which was originally published on Christianity for the Rest of Us, click on the title.

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